Our story...

It all began in the summer of 2021. The five 'V' of us were 'MERGE'd together through local music store Swing City in Edwardsville, IL. Local music legend Jim Galbierz reached out to us each individually, as we were or are currently taking lessons at Swing City. He said he was putting together a teen band. He asked if we wanted to join and rock out together. We all said yes and here we are!

Band members


Lead Vocals


Lead Guitar


Bass, backup vocals




Rhythm Guitar, backup vocals

”These kids rock!"

"An enthusiastic and energetic group of young musicians. They recently performed at an Arch Rival Roller Derby event and their concert was very well-received. So much so that the quintet earned three encores. Mixed 70's punk, 80's hard rock, 90's grunge and contemporary alternative for a fun set. Highly recommend them for your upcoming event."
- Brian Ledford